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Dreaming of another place...

...where you'll find me...


I'm an 18 year old student,from Greece.I study the Law and I want to work in the field of international relations.

I first created a LJ account in order to read fanfic stories...Over the last year though it served me as a place to write some thoughts,a place to vent and also a place where I could "meet' some really interesting people...So,basically my LJ is consisted of rabblings and musings on everyday life,mine and in general...

I love listening to music,especially classic rock,with a soft spot for ballads.I have a nice CD collection that keeps growing,so I'd love to hear any sugestions you may have.In my spare time,I read books and fanfic,I practice dance,watch movies and catch up with friends.

Life dream:Travel all around the world...A trip by train in Europe and a road trip in USA.